Thursday, June 29, 2023

2023 Ernest Rutherford book

My junior fiction historical novel turned into a creative nonfiction picture book instead. Alistair Hughes has illustrated stunning pictures for the book. Upstart Press released it in February 2023. I've been interviewed on radio, in newspapers, and on blogs. Here's some of the reviews this book has received: 

Maria Gill has done it again, taking young readers back in time to meet another world renown person born in New Zealand. Her effortless style draws the reader in and emphasizes that even a great like Nobel winning prize winner Ernest Rutherford, was once just an ordinary boy. What Book Next

Ernest is certainly one of New Zealand’s most famous people and I learnt a lot from reading this book myself. I think it would make an excellent resource for schools to show how, with perseverance and patience you can achieve great things in life. The inclusion of other famous scientists, a timeline and a Glossary make this a perfect book for a primary school library. Read NZ

'Ernest Rutherford: Just An Ordinary Boy' is a story about our country's most famous scientist, his humble beginnings and the importance of not giving up on your dreams. Gill has once again crafted an essential resource that is both entertaining and educational. NZ BookLovers

Maria Gill is one of our national treasures when it comes to nonfiction children’s books. Ernest Rutherford: Just an ordinary boy is no exception. His unfolding life is inspiring. Importantly, it is good to spend time with the curious child as much as it is the curious adult, and to read examples of Ernest’s key experiments and discoveries. Maria places him alongside other notable scientists (Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton), and offers a valuable timeline and glossary. This book is essential reading. Paula Green, The Poetry Box

Once again, Aotearoa New Zealand’s foremost writer of creative non-fiction books for children and young people hits the mark with her story about the life and times of Ernest Rutherford. It may be subtitled Just an ordinary boy but, of course, Rutherford’s scientific discoveries were anything but.   Dionne Christian, Kete Books

Alastair Hughes illustrations paint a picture of a bygone era in which young Ernest grew up and show the wonder he had for science. Excellent cover. Maria Gill on the money as usual. Bobs Books Blog

A Q & A with Stuff NZ.

If you teach, here is the Teacher Resource you can use with the book.

And here is the book trailer:

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