Saturday, October 13, 2012

Volcanic Visit

Albany Library Visit

Over the school holidays, I visited six Rodney libraries and talked about volcanoes with over 150 children and 50 adults. I read two picture books to children including my Rangitoto book. Children held my predator and native bird puppets while I talked about the great big clean-up of predators on Rangitoto and Motutapu Island so all the native birds can come back.

The children went off on a volcano hunt to find the different types of volcanoes (on card) hidden around the library.  They were rewarded with volcano lollies when their scavenger hunt card was complete.  I introduced the audience to my 'Eruption! Discovering New Zealand Volcanoes' book and talked about what sets non-fiction books apart from others: the fact you can start at the back, middle or anywhere you like; you can read one small text box on a page then skim and scan other pages; the illustrations tell you information too; you can find stuff easily with the contents and index pages; and there are loads of interesting things such as activities, photographs and characters. I then introduced them to a character in the book called Volcanica and asked if someone would like to be my Volcanica for the day. Once they had their sassy black wig on they were ready to help pour in the red vinegar and spoon in the baking soda to create a volcanic eruption.  Finally, it was time for the kids to make something of their own; they made a paper volcano model to take home.

If you want me to visit your school or library during a volcano study - please email me - and I'll dust off the volcanoes, puppets, and explosive equipment to come to your class.