Friday, August 11, 2017

New books coming out

I've been writing furiously most of this year and two of those books have already gone off to the printers. Here's a sneak peak at the covers:

'Toroa's Journey' illustrated by Gavin Mouldey published with Potton & Burton comes out in October. It's the story of the 500th albatross who hatched nine years ago. Before he fledged the ranger put a tracking device on him to see where he flew over the next 6-8 years before he would land back in Dunedin again. This is Toroa's story of his journey to South America and the things he might have encountered on his voyage.

This is the first time I've worked with Gavin Mouldey and his illustrations are stunning. He even encouraged Potton & Burton to include fold out wings! Speaking of wings, I'm going to make (with the help of Potton & Burton) a pair of three metre wings to show kids when I tour schools.

It's going to be available in paperback and hardback!

The second book I've been writing is called 'Abel Tasman: Mapping the Southern Lands', illustrated by Marco Ivancic, published with Scholastic and due out in November.

Follow Abel Tasman's journey from Batavia (Jakarta) to Tasmania, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Read about the perils, the mishaps, and the joys on the seafaring adventure. Find out what the indigenous people possibly thought when they saw these European sailors; the first to travel that far south. Marvel at Marco Ivancic's gorgeous illustrations. The book has been beautifully designed by Luke Kelly.

It will be available in hardback in November!

I've also finished writing a third book 'Anzac Animals' but it is still being designed ... Watch this space!

This time last year, my book 'Find Out! Volcanoes' came out. I forgot to put up a review of the book, so I'm rather belatedly putting up one now. Thanks to Lorraine Orman for the review:

DKfindout! Volcanoes by Maria Gill, Dorling Kindersley (dist. Penguin Random House NZ)

I’ve always been impressed by Dorling Kindersley’s bright, colourful and extremely visual books for children. Other publishers have copied the format to the extent that the use of numerous graphics and text boxes seems to be the standard for today’s non-fiction for children. Combine this accessible format with a popular topic such as volcanoes, and the resulting book is a winner.

Maria had already published three books on volcanoes: Volcanoes (South Pacific Press, 2008), Rangitoto (Penguin NZ, 2009) and Eruption!, New Holland, 2012). So she shouldn’t have been too surprised when Dorling Kindersley emailed her in 2015 to ask if she’d write a book on volcanoes for their DKfindout! series. She went on to put together a 64-page, very informative book that will immediately attract the eye of young readers – and adults will enjoy dipping into it too.

The layout works on the double-page spread system, with each spread having a heading such as Volcano Varieties, Deadliest Eruptions, Myths and Legends, Supervolcanoes, etc. There is an introductory paragraph on each topic followed by several colour photos and drawings with accompanying text boxes. Variety is provided by using maps, diagrams, fact boxes, columns, and different illustrative styles. There is a Glossary, an Index and a Timeline, as well as a Quiz and links to the Dorling Kindersley support websites (including their free online encyclopaedia).

Public and school libraries (and parents of volcano-obsessed youngsters) will find that primary-aged children will relish dipping into this book and sharing the fascinating information inside.

ISBN 978 0 2412 5024 2 RRP $17.99 Pb

Reviewed by Lorraine Orman