Monday, April 16, 2012

School Holidays

My Office

I work from home, which is great because I don't have to waste time travelling to and from my office. It is also quiet so I can concentrate. And it means I am around for my kids during the school holidays.  Today in point:  I made 26 pancakes for my 13 year old daughter's birthday party with her five friends. Then I travelled over to Algies Bay Sailing Club and helped make 100 ham salad French bread rolls for the sailing team.  My 15 year old son is a reserve in the National 420 school team for Mahurangi College.  Then I came home made lunch for the six 13 year old girls, and after checking my emails made two dinners; one to go to the sailing team. I'll be glad when the kids go back to school because I'll be exhausted by the end of the week but I feel I am not missing out on important events in their life.

When I'm being mum and author; I find it difficult to settle to writing tasks so I don't try.  I do my accounts. Some interviews.  Tweak picture books I have on hold. Gather research notes for my next two writing projects. Plus do all the things my kids want me to do (sometimes with a bit of negotiation). Next week, I'll be rearing to go and ready ...

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