Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Zealand Post Children's Book Award Tour

This Saturday I leave for Nelson.  I arrive a couple of days before the tour so that I can visit the beautiful Nelson/Marlborough area first.  On the Sunday, I'm going on a four wheel drive trip to Farewell Spit.  Ever since writing my children's book 'Save Our Seas' - where I had to research every bit of coastline around New Zealand - I have wanted to visit Farewell Spit.  I hope to see lots of sea birds and perhaps some seals.

After the Farewell Spit trip I travel slowly to Blenheim in time for the tour.  I'll be at these schools and libraries for the next couple of days:

Tuesday 8th May - Witherlea School, Marlborough District Library, Raupara School
Wednesday 9th May- Motueka South School, Motueka Public Library, Hampden St School
Thursday 10th May- Waimea Intermediate School, Nayland Primary School.

Students with puppets at one of my talks


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