Tuesday, April 24, 2012

E-book Workshop

This Saturday (28th April) Kiwi Write4Kidz is holding an e-book workshop at Massey University.  It's a workshop for authors and illustrators thinking about writing an e-book in the future.

I've been thinking about venturing into this arena for a year now; but fear has stalled me from doing so.  I wouldn't be surprised if there are a lot of other writers who have put off doing the same.  To help authors navigate this new technology we have the following speakers:

Our guest speaker is well known Australian author Hazel Edwards.  Hazel will talk about her experience of selling e-books from her website, working with publishers to sell e-books and turning some of out-of-print books into e-books.  Hazel will also talk about 'authorpreneurship' a term she has coined herself.  I'm really looking forward to Hazel's live skype session with us.

Jill Marshall talks next about her experience of being a publisher and organising her authors' books to be published as e-books.  Afterwards, we have two panels. Panel 1 includes Maggie Tarver (NZSA), Rhonda Kite (Kiwa Media) and Paul du Temple (Wheelers).  They'll talk about the industry; its pitfalls, how to safeguard your copyright and how they think the book industry will look in the future.  Panel 2 includes Chair Melinda Szymanik, and authors Maureen Crisp and Phillip Simpson.  They'll talk about their experiences of publishing e-books and how they market them.

Then participants get the opportunity to talk with industry experts such as designers, editors, proof readers, e-book publishers etc to ask their own questions and network.

If you're interested in the workshop go to:  www.kiwiwrite4kidz.co.nz (events page) - there are still some places available.

I believe learning how to publish and or market e-books is the way of the future - whether we like it or not.  I intend to be ready - will you be?

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