Sunday, August 18, 2013

Running the Country hits right note

My new book 'Running the Country' has been hitting a right note with teachers and librarians around the country. They've told me there was a desperate need for an updated book about how our country is run and now they have it.

We've been receiving fantastic reviews of the book. Listen to John McIntyre review the book on Radio New Zealand

If you've bought the book and found some of those shortened urls don't work (we've found that they don't stay stable, fonts are misread, and people change their links on their website) here are the links you need:

Page 5:

Page 17: -  the last letter reads as an l (el) when it should be an I (eye) here's the full link:

Page 29: - the last letter is actually an I (eye). Here's the full link:

Page 31:  - it is ggo instead of goo. Full link here:

Page 39:

Page 45:

I have a ballot box and voting papers so if any school wants to run a mock election, as part of an author talk visit please do contact me.

Ka kite ano

Maria Gill

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